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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking For A Herbal Tea Recommendation?

Beat the cold with a hot cup of  Bigelow Green Tea from

My favorite Bigelow Tea  is peppermint tea in the morning, ginger at mid-day, herbal tea at night.

I love to drink a cup of hot tea during My TOTM! It soothes me and helps to relieve my cramps.

It helps keep me in a So Happy state.

Does anyone give tea for a gift? I do. 

When I do gift tea it's Bigelow Tea. 

TRY Now! Click Bigelow Tea

Here's what even better...


Let me know if you'd like to order a TOTM Mug for YOUR TOTM! Tea Time.

CALL 718-502-9033. I do one post office run on Fridays!

Valarie Carey Recommendations

When I make a recommendation for a product or service it's because I have used the products or service and I enjoy it. I want to share it with you. I only recommend those products, services and or resources I believe are truly valuable and in your best interests.

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