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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Girl's First Period

A Girl's First Period

Should be a special moment in time.

Most recently I asked the question to women if they remembered their first period.  Of course that's a moment that most of us will not forget.  But from the answers I received, many women did not have a pleasing memory of their first TOTM! (period)  Some of the reasons were attributed to the fact that they were not PREPARED for what was to come.  For that exact reason, I believe mothers must begin having the period talk sooner rather than later.  A girl's first period should not be a nightmare story.  It should a fond memory of transitioning from one stage in life to another.

Here are a few tips I'd like to share on how to make your daughter's first period a So Happy day!

1. Begin the talk soon!

By opening up the conversation of menstruation with you daughter before her first period, you will equip her with knowledge of what to expect when it does happen and how to handle herself.  The first period is often times the first of many accidents to come.  But if you guide your daughter and inform her to become more aware of what her body is saying to her you may be able to avoid the first accident, or at least handle it with grace.

2. Have her First TOTM! Kit ready to go!

Mothers can somewhat gauge when their daughters will have their first period.  Based off the age when mom had her first period, and when you begin to see signs of pubic hair can give you some indication that her TOTM! is coming soon.  So have her prepared with her TOTM! Kit.  A small pouch with 2 all cotton pads, 2 feminine wipes inside and 2 small dark colored plastic bags for discreet disposal of her sanitary needs .  She can carry that in her overnight bag when she spends the night out.  She can keep a pouch in her locker at school or carry it in her bookbag in preparation of the big TOTM! day!

3. Praise her when it comes!

Congratulate your young lady when she comes to you and say "I think I got my period".  Once you've confirmed it, give her a BIG HUG!  Here are some of the ways you can help make her feel special on that day.

- Give her flowers

TOTM! blog, Time Of The Month!, first periods, first menstruation

- Take her out for ice cream

TOTM! blog, Time Of The Month!, first periods, first menstruation

- Have a mother/daughter day at the spa and get your nails done

TOTM! blog, Time Of The Month!, first periods, first menstruation

- Present her with a token of your love.

                  TOTM! blog, Time Of The Month!, first periods, first menstruation

I clearly remember the morning my daughter came to me and told me, "Mommy I think I got my period".  I was waiting for that day for months and had purchased a pair of hoop ruby earrings to give her on that day.  I hugged her and presented her with my gift to her.  I then told her that she's now a young lady.  I gave her a black satin drawstring pouch that had 2 pads and 2 feminine wipes inside.  I reiterated how she should excuse herself during class to handle her TOTM! business and off she went to school.

When you celebrate the moment, it becomes that more special.  So if you've celebrated your daughter's first period in any of these ways or if your mom did for you leave us a comment and share your First Period Story.

Until then...
"May every TOTM! be a So Happy one!"

Valarie Carey is the founder of TOTM! Time Of The Month!, author of the TOTM! Period Planner series as well as the premiere Period Coach, and Host of TOTM! Tea Talk on Blogtalk Radio.
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