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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feelings And YOUR TOTM!

How you feel about your TOTM! affects the type of cycle you will experience. Do you ever look at your calendar towards your Time Of The Month! and grimace with the thoughts of pain?

If so, little may you realize that the way you think of your monthly menstrual cycle actually impacts the type of symptoms you may experience. Even the severity of those symptoms. It's like the old adage...mind over matter.

So instead of thinking of the bad cramps you're in stored for, why don't you think how grateful you are to have your period. Having a monthly cycle is not a curse! It is a blessing!

Say to yourself, "Thank you for the gift in my period." and see how much of a better experience you will have.

So until your next period...

"May every TOTM! be a So Happy one!"TM

Feelings And YOUR TOTM!Brought To YOU BY TOTM!
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