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Thursday, January 1, 2015

5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Period

What Are Your Period Goals For 2015?

Each year we set out with New Year's Resolutions.  We resolve to lose weight.  We resolve to save money.  We resolve to make more money.  We resolve to be a better person.  But how much thought do we give to our period and making goals for the new year?

Here are a few goals we can strive for in the new year when it comes to our menstrual cycles.

Resolve to have an active period.
During the week of your period, try walking for 15 minutes or more.  Walking is an excellent low impact exercise that helps ease the menstrual cramps that some women experience during that time of the month.  Don't like walking?  Try bike riding, stretching or get involved in your favorite activity.  Staying active during your period helps ease cramps and boosts your mood.

Resolve to be prepared for your period.
Most women will have the monthly visit from her TOTM!, Aunt Flo, "Friend", period or whatever you call your menstrual cycle.
Since you can expect it monthly, it's a great idea to stock up on your sanitary needs especially when they're on sale.  But if you choose not to stock your closet with boxes of menstrual cups, pads, or tampons, at the end of your menstrual cycle be sure to replace the inventory that you used.  This way you will not be caught off guard the next time your TOTM! comes.

Resolve to do away with period myths.
If you were ever told that you cannot go swimming while wearing a tampon for fear of drowning, then you were told a period myth.  If you were ever told that you cannot take a bath during your period for reasons unknown, you were told a period myth.  If you were told you cannot wash your hair during that time of the month, you were told a period myth.  For the new year and beyond let's do away with period myths and break the cycle of spreading them to future generations.  

Resolve to track your period.
So you've been getting your period for years now, maybe even decades.  Your cycle may even come like clockwork.  But there still is a need to track your period.  You may be using more sanitary napkins than usual and that may be an indication of something internally that should be brought to your doctor's attention.  Cycles change as we get older, change our eating habits and as we experience childbirth.  Tracking your period will help you better communicate any changes to your doctor.

Resolve to have a happier period.
Believe it or not, you can be happy during that time of the month.  I say strive to have a So Happy period!  Eating foods that are enriched in vitamin B6 will help boost your mood.  My favorite vitamin B6 foods include bananas and oatmeal.  Begin incorporating them into your diet during the week of your monthly cycle.  You know what else that can help make you happy?  Chocolate!  Yes chocolate.  During your period eat bite size pieces of dark chocolate and enjoy the benefits of antioxidants along with instant happiness!

Until then....
"May every TOTM! be a So Happy one!"

Valarie Carey is the founder of TOTM! Time Of The Month!, author of the TOTM! Period Planner series as well as the premiere Period Coach, and Host of TOTM! Tea Talk on Blogtalk Radio.
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