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Sunday, April 21, 2013

April's Pickle Juice Challenge

How many times has your period came and you've experienced cramps?  More times than you care to share I'm sure.  Well this month we have another challenge geared towards alleviating those pesky cramps we as women sometimes experience during that Time Of The Month!

Did you know that if you drank pickle juice at the onset of getting abdominal cramps during your period that your cramps will go away within minutes?!  Yes it's true!  And I'm encouraging you to take our 

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It's simple
Once you begin experiencing cramps drink the juice from a pickle jar.  Pour out approximately 3 oz and drink it.  You should feel the cramps subsiding in minutes! 
 Now how much exactly is 3 oz?  That's 6 tablespoons or 3/8 of a cup..  So basically less than half a cup you would need to drink.  You can drink the juice of dill pickles or sour pickles. 
 The choice is yours.  So during your next TOTM! Try it! 
And then come back here and tell us your results.  
How did it work for you?

Until then...
"May every TOTM! be a So Happy one!