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Sunday, July 17, 2011

YOU are Invited To Author Val Carey's Lifetime 'Balancing Act' Viewing Party

Come hear Val Carey's story and how she got started as an author.

What inspired her to write.

Learn the challenges she faced as a writer, publisher, blogger, internet radio show host and motivational speaker.

Who is Val Carey?

Val Carey is a writer, self published author, blogger, internet radio show host, motivational speaker and mother of a teen daughter.

What does Val Carey do?

Val Carey shares her story with passion to inspire and empower tweens, teens and women of all ages about coping with PMS related challenges during that time of the month.

In 2010 Val Carey self publish and launched a new career. One year later she made her first national television appearance on Lifetime's 'Balancing Act'.

Learn how Lifetime's 'Balancing Act' help Val Carey amplify her TOTM! Time Of The Month! ® message.

Val Carey is making a difference to tween, teens mothers and single dads help them to have that essential TOTM! Talk with their daughter.


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