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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Discover How To Write and Get YOUR Book Published On TOTM! Tea Talk

Discover How To Write and Get YOUR Book Published

You're invited to a FREE TOTM! Tea Talk

"Discover The TOTM! Time Of The Month! Author Valarie Carey Secrets For Her Book's Inspiration and Getting Published"

Wednesday March 2nd 2011 at 7 pm Eastern 

Are you planning on writing a book now or in the future?

If you've been wanting to write and release your own book, now you can!

Valarie Carey will give you specific strategies to dramatically increase your chances of writing that book that is swimming inside your head and getting it published this year.

On this TOTM! Tea Talk hosted by Minsheyenwen, you'll hear her interview TOTM! Time Of The Month! Author and TOTM! Tea Talk Blog Talk Radio Host Valarie Carey and uncover things like...

The Secret to How To Write And Publish YOUR Book

YOU'll learn things unknown to 99% of all aspiring writers and aspiring authors including:

* What you should do to get started on your writing project today

* How to increase your odds of starting and finish writing your book

* Understanding the mindset you must have for writing

* The biggest mistakes and pitfalls to avoid

* The "Must Have" rolodex resources

One of the BIGGEST challenges that many writers face once they have completed the writing process is they don't know how to get their completed writing published.

Author Valarie Carey will tell you what to do at each stage of the entire writing process and walk you through the publishing and breaks it down into simple steps. Although it took her over a year to learn this info, you'll be able to learn from her experience and get started - today.

Join us tonight. Even if your book isn't going to be out for a while, this is a TOTM! Tea Talk Blog Talk Radio Show you won't want to miss.

Make the choice my friend. Choose to be part of this event and you will NOT regret it.

NEED HELP? Contact Val Carey at  718-502-9033.

A Coaching Payment Plan Is Available.

Discover How To Write and Get YOUR Book Published Brought To YOU
BY TOTM! Time Of The Month!