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Monday, March 14, 2011

Is It that Time Of The Month!?

Is It That Time Of The Month!?...

Are YOU Spazzing Out?

Feeling Out Of Sorts?

Craving Chocolate?

If you struggle with bloating and water retention, battle with cramps OR suffer from nagging headaches and pains during Your TOTM! monthly menstrual cycle...


Listen to TOTM! Tea Talk Blog Talk Radio Host Val Carey EVERY Wednesday at 7 pm (EST) and Sunday at 5 pm (EST) for that 'Time Of The Month! Tips'.

A powerful meet-up with great tea, stimulating conversation with guest speakers and the power of YOU our listening audience contributions to broaden our awareness and insights about coping with the bloating, breast tenderness, back pain, cramping, headaches, mood swings and many other challenges of PMS.

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We're picking the winners from a random drawing of those who call into the TOTM! Tea Talk Blog Talk Radio Show and of those who are fans of the Facebook fan page and answer the TOTM! Spa Question of the Day.

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