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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

He Said, She Said..Talks About The Period

Wednesday February 13th on TOTM! Tea Talk with Val Carey is LIVE on Blogtalk Radio and streaming live internationally on on this topic:

"She's on her period...He Said...She Said: How He feels when his lady is on her TOTM!"

  • Some men think women are cranky during their period 

  • Some men like having sex while she's on her TOTM! Some men don't 

  • Some women are concerned he may be looking for sex elsewhere during that Time Of The Month!

  • Some men think women use their TOTM! as an excuse to eat chocolate

  • Some women think men aren't supportive during that Time Of The Month!

Well we're talking about it on TOTM! Tea Talk! He Said... She Said... and what better time than right before Valentine's Day.


1.) Couples (married or unmarried) 
2.) Females in a committed relationship (can appear without boyfriend)
3.) Males in a committed relationship (can appear without girlfriend)
4.) Single Males dating
5.) Single Females dating

We will be broadcasting LIVE! and taking phone calls Wednesday February 13th 7pm EST.
If you fit the description and would love to be part of our He Said She Said panel contact us ASAP via Email at and we will send you more details.

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