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Monday, March 12, 2012

What Is The Truth About Gardasil?

Have you ever contemplated getting the vaccine Gardasil for you or your daughter?

What is Gardasil and the effects thereof?

Gardasil is a vaccine manufactured by Merck that is touted as the only human papillomavirus (HPV) that helps protect against 4 types of HPV.   These four types of HPV are the causes of about 75% of cervical cancer and 90% of  genital warts cases.

HPV is a group of viruses that includes more than 100 types!  Be informed!  For more information check out Women's Health

There are many different side effects women have experienced from the vaccine Gardasil.  Some of the common side effects include:
* Pain, bruising, itching, swelling at the site of injection
* headache
* fever
* fainting
* nausea
* vomiting
* dizziness.

Not all side effects are common.  Some side effects involve:
* shortness of breath
* chest pains
* muscle pains
* joint pain
* weakness
* confusion and many more!

There are women whom are sharing their stories of the side effects they have experienced on The Truth About Gardasil

Diane Skai Stroud, Nutritional Counselor recently joined Val Carey on TOTM! Tea Talk to discuss the vaccine Gardasil.

Skai as she likes to be called, holds a B.S. in Alternative Medicine, which includes studies in nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, and ayurvedic therapies.  She been a practitioner and teacher of yoga, meditation and healthy cooking for over 15 years.  She is also a Certified Permaculture Designer.
If you missed that episode, you can still listen in and hear the opinions of Val and Skai about the drug Gardasil.

TOTM! Tea Talk with Skai Stroud on Gardasil

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