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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweet 16 Celebration

Sweet 16 Celebration

My TOTM! Team had been workin' very hard for one of our biggest projects of the year... my daughter Shelby's Super Sweet 16 Party that was held on 11/11/11. A young girl's Sweet 16 is an important life milestone and life event that should be celebrated with family, relatives and friends.

It's a project that needs time for planning, budgeting and implementation.

Even though it took MONTHS of work...

I am very happy of the outcome and to have been able to see the joy in my daughter's eyes and on her face during her special 11/11/11 event. Please join me in congratulating my daughter Shelby by leaving YOUR comments below.

Before I leave...I'd like to PUBLICLY thank

* Stylist and Fashion Designer Nippy Lavern

* The Little Red Door - Best Kept Secret In Bed-Stuy!

* A & S Black Tie Limo Services - Best Limo Service In Brooklyn!

* Passionate Shutter Photography

I highly recommend the above listed vendors.


Thanks to everyone who made my daughter Shelby's  Sweet 16 birthday celebration very special.

If YOU are considering a Sweet 16 party for YOUR daughter(s) YOU may be asking YOURSELF...

* Where's the best place (venue) to have a sweet 16 party for teenagers?

* Where's the best place for printing invitations, journal booklets, placement cards, thank you cards, flowers
cake, dj, photographer, videographer, limousine service?

* Where can I find the help and resources to help me make it a successful event?

If YOU haven't thought about a Sweet 16 party for YOUR daughter(s)


What a Sweet 16 Party would have meant for YOU.

More importantly - what the event will mean for YOUR daughter.

Important Question

Would YOU like for me to help YOU with YOUR daughter's Sweet 16 Event?

We will help YOU or someone YOU know in planning YOUR daughter's Sweet 16 event.

The timing of having the right people-- me and my team to help YOU couldn't be better.

I don't want YOU to feel frazzled and frenzied. Planning an event can be overwhelming.

If YOU want my help... YOU need to call me right now for an appointment.

CALL 212-602-1240 to set an appointment for a consultation.

The Sweet 16 Party Consultation gives YOU that personal touch and ensure YOU get YOUR questions answered, receive expert guidance and support during the process.

To make YOUR life really easy, I'm going to share with YOU one of my most valuable resources...
I'm going to introduce YOU to my team that helps me with all my Val Carey Events.

YOU have an opportunity to have access to my Amazing Team!

As YOU can imagine, this is a SUPER valuable part of my own business. However, I also know
having access to my resources and this service is going to make YOUR life much, MUCH better.

Full disclosure... there is a catch to have access to my team. YOU must be a Val Carey consultation client.

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