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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome To TOTM! Time Of The Month!® Blog

Welcome To TOTM! Time Of The Month!® Blog

I am so glad you’re here!

Thank YOU. I Value YOUR Time And Attention.

"You're About To Discover The REAL SECRETS Behind Coping With
TOTM! Time Of The Month! ®"

"Not only that, you'll also get insight into your emotions, feelings, moods and physical body changes during YOUR TOTM!"...

"We'll talk about YOUR TOTM! and all the things (old wives tales) you may have heard..."

You know, things like...

Don't wash your hair when you are on your period

And this...

Don't take a bath when you are on your period

And how about this...

Don't ride your bike or go swiming when you are on your period

"We talk about and recommend things to try that are known to work for PMS".

My name is Valarie Carey. My friends call me Val. I am best known as the author who created TOTM! Time Of The Month! ® The Essential Planner For Girls And Women of All Ages. I am also, a motivational speaker and publisher.

Listen, TOTM! Time Of The Month! ® is an important female topic that needs to be discussed between mothers and their daughters, aunts and their nieces, dads and their daughters. These talks should begin during a young girl's pre-teens, tween, puberty years, teen years and continuing the conversation beyond on her own during her adult years with other women to better understand and alleviate the symptoms that usually accompany that Time Of The Month!


Because the reality is your monthly period will play a major role in your life and impact your life from your adolescent years through your adult years as a young woman and a mature woman. There is no miraculous cure for TOTM!

But the good news is there are solutions...

There are things that you can empower yourself to do to help alleviate the bloating, cramps, headaches,  moods, out of sorts and physical discomfort you may experience.

For those adult women who do not like taking prescription drugs there are alternatives to explore.

So, I invite YOU to bookmark TOTM! Time Of The Month! ® Blog

Stay Tuned...

Until next time..

"May every TOTM! be a So Happy one!"TM

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