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Monday, February 14, 2011

TOTM! Valentine's Day Wishlist

Happy Valentine's Day
I love Godiva chocolates. I enjoy eating an Almond Hershey's Bar - during my TOTM!

Yes I want a box of chocolates - on Valentine's Day!

Yes, I love the classic items like perfume - and jewelry.

My mother always told me diamonds - are a girl's best friend.

I agree with her. Here's My Valentine's Day Wishlist...

Godiva Chocolates

Chanel no.5

Diamond Studs

How can you go wrong on Valentine's Day with one of the above?  You can not! Chocolate, perfume, jewelry... and maybe some shoes!

What's YOUR Valentine's Day Wishlist?

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Love to hear your take on this post, too, in the comments section below.

FYI: On one of our upcoming TOTM! Tea Talk Blog Talk Radio Shows we will talk and discuss navigating your way with your partner during that Time Of The Month!  So be sure to listen out for that show.

Regardless if you have a special someone in your life to share Valentine's Day with, know you are special and it's just one day in the calendar year.

Until next time..

"May every TOTM! be a So Happy one!"TM

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