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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TOTM! LIVE Broadcast Events

Don't Miss This Months TOTM! Tea Talk LIVE Broadcast Events

If YOU'RE new here or haven't added us to YOUR mobile phone daily calendar, please do that right now before YOU do anything else.

Add TOTM! Tea Talk Sunday at 5pm (EST) and Wednesday at 7pm (EST) to YOUR calendars now!

Then come join us for TOTM! Tea Talk on Blog Talk Radio at our scheduled times.

CALL in and participate. YOUR input is always welcomed and adds value to our TOTM! Tea Talk Shows.

CALL 805-669-0237 Sundays at 5pm *EST) and Wednesdays at 7pm (EST).

I think YOU'LL enjoy it. We have open conversations and round table discussions.

I really want to tell YOU how excited I am about our upcoming TOTM! Tea Talk Shows!

Where we have an opportunity to talk about everything related to our TOTM! Time Of The Month!

See YOU in a little while! I look forward to talking with YOU.


Tell YOUR friends about our TOTM! Tea Talk LIVE Broadcast Events.

Until then...

"May every TOTM! be a So Happy one!"