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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Day YOU No Longer Have a TOTM!

When did you get your first TOTM!?  Were you 10? 12? 14?  For argument's sake we'll say 12.  And studies show on average a woman will have her last menstrual cycle usually around the age of 51.  Odd number right?  Why not 50? 

So on average a woman can have a monthly cycle for say.....40 years...  So for 40 years of a woman's life, on average, every month she can expect to bleed for 3-7 days.  For some women that will be half their lives.  How do YOU prepare for when YOUR TOTM! stops?  Will you miss it?  

Join in on the conversation with Val Carey of TOTM! Tea Talk today Sunday October 9, 2011 5pm EST as she discusses TOTM! In The Later Years.  YOU can also call in YOUR thoughts and questions to 805-669-0237 at 5pm EST Sundays.

If YOU no longer have a monthly period, did YOU know that YOU were entering menopause?  And how did YOU know?

Feel free to share YOUR experiences with us!  

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