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Sunday, August 21, 2011

TOTM! Friendly Fashions

What's the best outfit to wear during YOUR period?  Each month we as women  deal with the bloating, the cramping, the mood swings.  While figuring out how to deal with that Time Of The Month!, we still have to be concerned with our attire.

Are YOU a business women?  Do YOU work from home?  Do YOU wear a uniform at work?  If YOU have the luxury of deciding what to wear when YOU go to work, this can be easier on YOU.

Sometimes we suffer from bloating during that Time Of The Month!  So a fitted waistline dress may not be YOUR first choice of clothing to wear.  Often times we fall into the sweatsuit trap.  During our periods we will wear one of the most comfortable outfits.... the sweatsuit.  Why not?  It seems perfect!  It has a forgiving elastic waistband.  The shirt is roomy and comfy.


But ladies!  I ask you... WHY??  Let us break free from the sweatsuit during our TOTM! and wear flattering clothes like an Aline dress.  Or how about the empire waist dress.  This summer all the rave was the maxi dress.  These are more flattering options to the sweatsuit...especially if you have to go to work.  No one needs to know it's YOUR TOTM! by the sweatsuit that you're wearing.
                                                            THE EMPIRE WAIST DRESS

                                                                     THE MAXI DRESS

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